Collective Bargaining Update – Department Presentation Feedback

Collective Bargaining Update – Department Presentation Feedback

The UVICFA recently concluded a series of collective bargaining consultations at department meetings this spring. We are sending you this update to give you a sense of some key priorities that are emerging as a result of your feedback to us at these meetings.

Based on your input, key issues across the membership are:

  • Salary
  • Workload
  • Evaluation
  • Benefits
    • Paramedical (chiropractor, physiotherapy, etc.)
    • Tuition Waivers
    • Study Leave

In the next round of consultations, beginning in September we will be emailing you a series of five bargaining surveys on the topics of workload, compensation, evaluation, research, and retirement. We will also send three targeted surveys to teaching faculty, librarians, and Chairs & Directors. In the interest of respecting your time (and to get good data) we decided to break up the large traditional bargaining survey into a series of concise, accessible, and focussed surveys.

In addition to department consultations and bargaining surveys, there will be a number of further opportunities to provide us the feedback and direction needed to develop our bargaining mandate this fall. These opportunities will include Faculty Feedback Cafes, open houses, committee meetings, general meetings, and more. More details to come as we get closer to the fall.

We strongly encourage you to email [email protected] the attached feedback form to give us any thoughts, concerns, or ideas you have for collective bargaining in 2019.

Thanks for all of the valuable feedback to date!

2018-Member Feedback Form-Collective Bargaining

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