Member Benefits Advisory – Benefit Options for Members at Age 71

Member Benefits Advisory – Benefit Options for Members at Age 71

In response to Member enquiries regarding benefits access for Faculty and Librarians at age 71, the Association has confirmed that there are a number of options available for voluntary extended health and dental care coverage at age 71 for active Members (i.e. not retired).

Enrolment in these voluntary plans must be effective January 1st of the year immediately following the end of coverage under the University’s group plans. Members are cautioned that the below retiree plans do not offer the same level of benefits as group plans, especially for travel coverage. 

  1. Pacific Blue Cross (PBC) has agreed to amend their contract to allow active employees over the age of 71 to join their voluntary retiree extended health and dental care benefit plan. Administration and enrolment is handled by Pacific Blue Cross. Link to their website at‎.
  2. As an alternative to the voluntary PBC offering, members are encouraged to contact the UVic Retirees Association (UVRA) to explore benefit options for coverage under their group extended health, dental and travel plans. Members do not need to be retired to be a UVRA member, but must join their association to enrol in their benefit plan, which is offered through Johnson Inc. Link to their website at, email [email protected], or phone 250-472-4749.
  3. As members of the College and University Retiree Associations of Canada (CURAC), the UVRA has also obtained access to participation in the Retired Teachers of Ontario (RTO) benefit plans. Regular or associate members of RTO permanently residing in Canada are eligible to participate in the plans offered. Link to their website at or phone 1-800-361-9888 for information on membership and benefit plan coverage.

To assist with decision-making, the University Benefits Office has created comparison documents, illustrating common features of the three coverage options. This summary is not intended to be comprehensive of all details of coverage.

 How to Apply: All applications are to be directed to the individual carrier:

 Links to Benefits Office Plan Comparison Documents

Please contact the University Benefits Office for more information on the above or on your current coverage at 250-721-8085, or via their website at:

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