Who We Are

UVICFA is the exclusive bargaining agent for Faculty and Librarians at the University of Victoria. We represent approximately 850 Faculty and Librarians, (research-stream and teaching-intensive faculty; librarians and archivists; artists-in-residence; lecturers; academic administrators; and, limited-term faculty whose terms are more than 12 months).

Our Purpose

Our priority as an Association is to promote the welfare of our Members at the University of Victoria, and to further the cause of higher education by upholding the principles of academic freedom, tenure, equity, and human rights within the University. 


The UVICFA functions in accordance with the guidelines of the BC Labour Relations Code, the Societies Act, and the Association’s Constitution and Bylaws. Internal governance is further clarified through the Terms of References of the Standing Committees, and the Association’s Policies and Procedures.

What We Do

The work we do includes:

  • Membership Services
    • Supporting Members with any concern related to their working conditions, including workplace environment, salary, benefits, re-appointment, tenure, promotion, and equity
    • Providing assistance and representation to Members requiring workplace accommodations
    • Providing assistance and representation to Members who are considering resignation
    • Supporting our Members who are considering retirement
    • Assisting in workplace-related dispute resolution whether through informal or formal means
    • Processing formal Grievances and filing Arbitration (when indicated)
    • Administering the Tuition Benefit Fund
  •  Advocacy
    • Informing Members on University policy updates
    • Providing education events and workshops
    • Promoting engagement and community through social events
    • Advocating with the University in areas important to our Members, such as support for research activities, academic freedom, fair and transparent evaluation procedures, and equitable workload
  • Collective Bargaining
    • Negotiating salaries and benefits
    • Negotiating the terms and conditions of academic employment, including conditions of appointments, promotion, and tenure processes, and merit and performance evaluation procedures

Whether you are a prospective, new, or current Faculty Member or Librarian at the University of Victoria, we encourage you to Contact Us with any questions.

If you have a workplace-related concern or questions pertaining to the terms and conditions of your employment, we strongly encourage you contact our Membership Services Office at [email protected].

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