Executive Committee

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (EC) is comprised of eleven elected members and the past President and meets on a monthly basis. This committee is responsible for the overall governance of the Association and its staff. EC members serve a two-year term. Elections for the EC usually occur  at the Spring Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The Nominations and Elections Committee will seek nominees from the Membership and then present the Nominations Slate at the AGM for election or, if the vacant positions are not contested, for ratification.

EC Terms Of Reference

Current Executive Committee Members:

PositionNameElection/Appointment/Ratification Date
President: Lynne Marks (HSTR) ELECT: April 8, 2020
Vice-Pres: Monica Prendergast (EDCD)RE-ELECT: April 8, 2020
Secretary:Mandeep Kaur Mucina (CAC)ELECT: April, 2021
Treasurer:Rob Gillezeau(ECON)ELECT: April, 2021
Librarian Rep: Jane Morrison (LIBR)ELECT: April 2021
TFC Rep: Suzan Last (ENGL)ELECT: April 8, 2020
At LargeArif Babul (ASTR)Ratified: April 2021
At-Large: Erin Campbell (AHVS)Appointed: February 2022
ADRC Chair/ Equity/Disability Portfolio HolderVictoria Wyatt (AHVS)RE-ELECT: April 8, 2020
Chairs & Directors Portfolio: Chris Bose (MATH)ELECT: April 11, 2020
At Large < 7 YearsChristopher Eagle (MATH) ELECT: April 8, 2020
At LargeCaterina Valeo (MECH ENG)ELECT: April 2021
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