Welcome to the University of Victoria Faculty Association!

The University of Victoria Faculty Association (UVICFA) is the exclusive certified bargaining agent for faculty and librarians at the University of Victoria. Our primary responsibility is to advocate for the interests of our members through the negotiation and implementation of the Collective Agreement.

We provide direct support to members by:

  • Assisting with workplace-related concerns
  • Answering questions related to the application of the Collective Agreement
  • Providing advice on career progression, compensation and benefits, workload, work environment, discipline, and academic matters

The UVICFA is governed by an elected Executive Committee, nine standing committees, and a representative Council who are committed to fulfilling our purpose and mandate.

A team of dedicated staff carries out our day-to-day operations. Their responsibilities include office management, administrative support, communications, engagement events, and providing advice and representation to members for workplace-related concerns.

We are here to support you throughout your academic career at the University of Victoria and strongly encourage you to contact us with any questions.


Phone: 250-721-7208
Email: uvicfa@uvic.ca

Membership Services

Phone: 250-472-4923
Email: msofa@uvic.ca

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