Retirement dates are normally December 31 or June 31. The Collective Agreement specifies notice periods of six (6) months for retirement and four (4) months for resignation. There is no obligation to retire at the University of Victoria, but some of your benefit eligibility will be affected by your normal date of retirement, which is the June 30 immediately following your 65th birthday. Group Insurance coverage ceases at age 71 – even if you are still working full-time.

If you are considering retirement, you should contact our Membership Services Office for advice. We can provide you with assistance in negotiation some of the terms of your retirement and in understanding the effect retirement may have on your ongoing professional relationship with the University. For example, if you intend on continuing to conduct research and/or supervise students, we can assist in ensuring that your activities in these areas will continue after your retirement.

For more information about retirement, see the Collective Agreement and the University of Victoria Retirees Association.

Retirement Phase-in Plan

The retirement phase-in plan program includes provision for adjustment of a member’s duties and responsibilities, and a reduced FTE appointment for a one, two, or three year period – at the end of which you are irrevocably committed to retire. A retirement phase-in plan must commence on either January 1 or July 1.

We are available to assist you in negotiating your retirement phase-in plan and we strongly encourage you to contact us before submitting your notice.

For information about criteria for Emeritus or Emerita, please click here.

For information on UVic Pensions and Pension Services, please click here.

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