2019 Bargaining Mandate Ready for Ratification by the Membership

2019 Bargaining Mandate Ready for Ratification by the Membership

The UVICFA is now ready to launch an electronic vote of the entire Membership to ratify the 2019 Bargaining Mandate. The mandate is the result of a year-long consultation and research process conducted by the Collective Agreement Committee and the Negotiating Team; has been reviewed and recommended by both the FA Council and the Executive Committee; and, was unanimously supported by the Members present at the February 6, 2019, Extraordinary General Meeting .

Many thanks to Members in attendance at the meeting for the dynamic discussion, participation, and strong show of support!

Correction Notice – Member Support for Tuition Waivers

Please note that an incorrect figure regarding Member support for tuition waivers (in the Salary, Benefits and Retirement Survey) was accidentally cited.  CORRECTION: 76.43% of survey respondents answered “yes” to the question, “Would you like to see a tuition waiver benefit provided?”. ​While this confirms a very robust level of support, we apologize for providing inaccurate information at the meeting.

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