UVic Faculty and Librarians Approve Certification as a Union

UVic Faculty and Librarians Approve Certification as a Union

The official results of the certification vote are as follows:

  • Eligible voters: 860
  • Votes cast: 711
  • Percentage turnout: 82.67 per cent

The question voted upon was: “Do you want the University of Victoria Faculty Association to become a certified union that will represent you in collective bargaining with your employer?”

  • Total ballots: 711
  • Spoiled ballots: 0
  • Valid ballots: 711
  • In favour: 448
  • Opposed: 263

As a result of the vote, the Faculty Association will be certified as a union under the BC Labour Relations Code. The administration and Faculty Association must now begin negotiation of the first collective agreement. Until the first collective agreement is in place the terms and conditions of the Framework Agreement will continue to apply.

The University Administration and Faculty Association respect the choice made by faculty and librarians regarding their preferred form of representation. Both the administration and the Faculty Association are committed to continue our mutual efforts to maintain a positive and supportive working environment for faculty members and librarians within our collegial governance structure.

We’re all proud of the critical role our faculty and librarians play in teaching and inspiring our students and in conducting internationally leading research that’s tackling key issues and opportunities for Canadians, and we look forward to a future of working together for the benefit of our students, our university and society in general.

Reeta C Tremblay
Vice President Academic and Provost

Doug Baer
On behalf of the UVic Faculty Assocation Executive

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