New Bylaws Transition Plan

New Bylaws Transition Plan

Now that the new Bylaws have been adopted by Members, the Association will begin transitioning our existing governance and committee structure over the next year to become fully compliant with our new Bylaws by January 2018.

Our new Bylaws call for the formation of a Representative Council constituted of elected members, including one member elected from each Academic unit, and one from the Library. In addition, we will see some minor changes to other committee structures, as well as the formation of two new committees—the Finance and Investment Committee, and the University Governance Committee—and the election of a Speaker and a Deputy Speaker, to chair Membership Meetings.

Elections for all new positions will be held at the Fall 2017 Ordinary General Meeting of the Association. The Representative Council will be convened in January 2018. Further details on the transition plan can be found here.

The changes introduced by new Bylaws do increase the need for Association volunteers. However, serving as a member of one of the above Committees can involve a time commitment of as little as eight hours per year – including meetings. For example, the new Council will generally have only two x 2-hour meetings per year. Please remember, too, that your work with the Association is recognized as Service for career assessment purposes (similar to University service, service to your department, and service to your academic profession); see Article 19.11 in the Collective Agreement.  The Association is deeply grateful for the service of our committee members, which not only helps us to meet Members’ needs, but also strengthens communication and connections among the Membership.

Please email us at [email protected] for more information.

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