Executive Committee Election

Executive Committee Election

Statements of Interest from Nominees for at-large positions on the Executive Committee

(listed in alphabetical order)

Erin Campbell (Art History & Visual Studies)

As Professor and Chair of the Department of Art History & Visual Studies, and the current Vice-President of the FA and member of the Executive Committee, as well as senator and member of the BOG, I am a passionate advocate for collegial governance. If elected to the Executive Committee, I would continue to contribute my extensive experience in collegial governance in support of faculty members.  Faculty face increasing workloads, declining resources, and lack of transparency from the administration. In this challenging moment, and as we move towards another round of bargaining, it is essential that we elect experienced representation for the Executive Committee.

Damien Contandriopoulos (Nursing)

I was hired at UVic’s School of Nursing as a full prof in 2018 (but I’m not a nurse, I mostly self-describe as a disciplinary mongrel). I have been involved in academic unions my whole career and was a union rep both at the University of Montreal and at UVic. Two years ago, I also co-led the motion to push the UVic FA mil rate back to 7. I strongly believe in the importance of organized labour, not only for the benefit of union members, but also as a condition for healthy and democratic societies.

Christopher Eagle (Mathematics and Statistics)

I have been a member of the FA Executive Committee since 2020.  I have served on a number of FA committees, including the Teaching Faculty Committee, the Advising and Dispute Resolution Committee, and the Collective Agreement Committee.  I was on the FA negotiating team that negotiated the current Collective Agreement, and was particularly involved in working towards better tenure and promotion language for teaching stream members and improved workload protections for all members.  I am interested in continuing to serve on the Executive Committee to encourage the FA to continue to advocate for faculty member concerns, particularly around workload.

Moustapha Fall (French & Francophone Studies)

Na nga def, I’m Moustapha Fall, and I’m delighted to connect with you.

I am an Associate Teaching Professor in the Department of French and Francophone Studies where I teach culture and language courses. Eager to deepen my contributions to the UVic community, I am hereby soliciting for your support to serve as a Member at Large in the Faculty Association Executive Committee.

As a former Member of the UVic Equity and Advisory Committee for three consecutive years, I bring a collaborative work ethics and perspective. Let’s create together a vibrant, and inclusive campus for a thriving future for everyone.

Christine O’Bonsawin (History)

Kwaï/greetings. I joined UVic in 2007 in History and as director of Indigenous Studies. I am currently an associate professor of History. I am an Indigenous scholar deeply committed to supporting all members, particularly those facing institutional discrimination. The FA is vital in this regard, and I am pleased to have contributed to this critical work. I have served on the FA Equity Committee, FA Executive Committee (as the Indigenous Portfolio holder), and the Negotiating Team, which bargained our most recent CA. I am committed to pushing back against the Administration to ensure our collegial and workplace rights are protected.

Caterina Valeo (Mechanical Engineering)

I am interested in serving the Membership by advocating for their best interests on issues and disputes arising from the Administration’s actions. I have been Chair of the Collective Agreement Committee since Fall 2019 and I served as a negotiating team member during bargaining in 2019; and again as Co-Chair in 2022. I have been serving on the Joint Committee for the Application of the Agreement since 2020 and was on the Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Committee for three years staring 2016. I will not be serving on the NT for 2025 and will be stepping down as CAC Chair soon; hence, I would like to continue to serve the FA through this role for the time being.


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