What We’re Doing

What We’re Doing

Throughout the year the UVICFA hosts a variety of events and workshops for our Members. We also produce a variety of information materials to help keep our Members informed and up-to-date on Association-related activities and the application of the Collective Agreement.


  • New Member Socials
  • Promotion & Tenure Celebration
  • Faculty Feedback Cafés


  • The Collective Bargaining Process
  • Equity Issues
  • The Merit Increment Process
  • Retirement
  • Chairs and Directors Forum
  • Other Mentoring Events


  • Executive Committee
  • Council
  • Standing Committee Meetings
  • Ordinary General Meeting (Fall)
  • Annual General Meeting (Spring)

Information Materials

  • The FA Relay Newsletter
  • Advocacy Agenda
  • Survey and Vote Results
  • Bargaining Updates
  • Member Bulletins
  • FAQ’s
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