Membership Services

Membership Services

When should I contact the Membership Services Office?

Members are welcome to contact the Membership Services Office to ask questions or to seek assistance with workplace-related concerns. If you have a workplace-related concern, it is best to contact the Membership Services Office as early as possible.

The UVICFA advocates for the interests of our Members through the negotiation and implementation of the Collective Agreement. We also provide direct support to Members by helping with workplace-related concerns and by answering questions about the CA, including:

Support from the Membership Services Office can also include:

  • Providing general information and advice about the application or interpretation of the Collective Agreement (CA)
  • Accompanying you to meetings with your supervisor, Dean, or the University
  • Representing you in negotiations with your supervisor, Dean, or the University
  • Working with you to identify possible informal and/or formal dispute resolution processes for workplace-related concerns
  • Recommending a particular matter be referred to a grievance
  • Escalating a grievance to arbitration (when all other means of resolving the matter have been exhausted)

For more information, please see our Membership Services Office FAQ.

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