Starting Salaries

Starting salaries are typically negotiated between a member and the Dean of their Faculty. To negotiate effectively it is helpful to know average salaries for your rank at the University of Victoria and at comparable institutions.

Our Membership Services Office can provide you with information about salaries that can assist in your negotiation. We strongly encourage you to contact us for help in negotiating your starting salary.

Salary Increases

The Collective Agreement outlines evaluation and salary, which includes:

  • Rules of Evaluation
  • Starting Salary
  • Salary Adjustments
  • Allocation of Salary Adjustments
  • Supplementary Salary Amounts
  • Salary Appeal Process

Your salary grows through the following mechanisms:

  • Bargained Increases
  • Career Progress Increments (CPI)
  • Merit Increments (MI)

If you are unclear or have questions about what material counts towards consideration of salary increases, please contact us.

Salary Appeals

If you are unsatisfied with your salary, our Membership Services Office can advise you on preparing your statement for a request to appeal your salary. The timeline to submit your appeal is within 30 days after issue of the salary notice. For more information on salary appeals, please refer to the Collective Agreement.

 Salary Anomalies

 There are occasions when you may have concerns that your salary does not meet the average salaries of your rank by a significant difference.

In the case of a salary anomaly, we strongly encourage you to contact our Membership Services Office to review your salary notice. Our Membership Services Advisors can assist you in making an appeal and can help you prepare for your negotiation with the University, if needed.

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