Appendix A: Memorandum of Understanding on Calculation of DPA and Meaning of Economic Stability Dividend

Appendix B: Professional Expense Reimbursement

Appendix C: Reduced Appointments

Appendix D: Policy on Intellectual Property

Appendix E: Conflict of Interest in Student Faculty Relationships

Appendix F: Scholarly Integrity

Appendix G: Deadlines for Reappointment, Tenure and Promotion

Appendix H: Equity Policy for Female Faculty Members (Policy HR6105)

Appendix I: Policy on Chairs of Departments and Directors of Schools (Policy GV0710)

Appendix J: Policy on Duties and Responsibilities of Directors of Research Centres (Policy GV0715)

Appendix K: Memorandum of Understanding on Various Issues Arising from the Agreement

Appendix L: Memorandum of Understanding on Transitional Issues for Assistant Teaching Professors

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