Appendix K: Memorandum of Understanding on Various Issues Arising from the Agreement

Appendix K: Memorandum of Understanding on Various Issues Arising from the Agreement

We, the University of Victoria and the University of Victoria Faculty Association (the “University”, the “Association” and, collectively, the “Parties”) do hereby agree, as a part of the Parties’ first Collective Agreement, approved by the Board of Governors May 26, 2015, and ratified by the Association June 5, 2015, to the following:

1. Intellectual Property Policy

The Parties agree to jointly form a task force to examine the Intellectual Property policy and make recommendations to the Parties. The Task Force will consist of three representatives nominated by the Faculty Association and three representatives nominated by the Administration along with a Chair agreed to by both the President of the Association and the University President.

The responsibility of the Task Force will be to formulate a report that includes a review of the existing policy in light of the diverse needs of the University and technological, industry and regulatory body changes that have occurred in the past two decades. The Task Force will also have the responsibility

• to make recommendations for language changes in the policy to meet needs it identifies;

• to make recommendations to incorporate the current Appendix D into the Collective Agreement; and

• to identify any proposed amendments to section 5.

The Parties agree to name their respective representatives and the Task Force Chair no later than two (2) months after the ratification of this Agreement. The Task Force Chair will then call a first meeting of the Task Force no later than two (2) months after his or her appointment this position.

The Task Force will provide its report to the Parties no later than nine (9) months after its first meeting unless extended by mutual agreement. The Parties will then consider any proposed recommendations and may, by mutual agreement, amend all or part of the current Appendix B as incorporated into the Collective Agreement.

2. Academic Administrators

The Parties agree to form a committee with representatives from each of the University and the Association to explore options to address equity concerns for Academic Administrators prior to the next bargaining round.

3. Salary Policy (Framework Agreement Article 74)

In applying the new Collective Agreement, which provides that Members with Limited-Term Appointments are eligible only for a basic adjustment and the Career Progress Increment (Article 74.2 of the previous Framework Agreement), the University will remind Deans by memo from Vice-President Academic and Provost that when limited-term faculty are renewed, their salaries should be reviewed in order to ensure appropriate salary levels. We will informally provide the Association with a copy of the memo when sent.

In applying the new Collective Agreement provision that requires Deans or the University Librarian when submitting “recommendation for MI and CPI to the Vice-President Academic and Provost” to “review the salaries in his or her unit to determine whether there are any issues arising for any Members arising from salary compression or other anomalous situations, based upon a comparison with salaries across the unit, and will submit a report making any recommendations for changes”, the University will ensure that information on this process will be added to the annual workshop for Deans and Chairs on the merit/salary adjustment process; in addition, the annual memo of the Vice-President Academic and Provost to Deans will be updated to require the report specified.

4. Extended Health Benefits

Whereas section 64 sets out that the University provides members with certain health care benefits, including Extended Health benefits; and

The Extended Health Benefits Plan is designed to assist members in paying for some specified services and supplies as outlined in the Plan Document issued by Pacific Blue Cross to the University of Victoria.;

The Parties agree that the Extended Health Benefits Plan will be amended, effective July 1, 2015 to add laser eye surgery and prescription sunglasses as part of the current vision care design subject to the existing maximum of $500 per person based on 2 calendar years.

5. Dental Plan

Whereas section 64 sets out that the University provides members with certain health care benefits, including Dental Care benefits; and

The Dental Care Plan has been designed to assist faculty and librarians in paying basic dental expenses for themselves and eligible dependents. Reimbursement is based on the B.C. Dental Fee Guide; and

The Dental Care Plan reported an accumulated surplus of $401,731 at December 31, 2014. The reported annual surplus for 2014 was $85,965; and

The Dental Care Plan has no annual deductible and provides coverage for Plan B Major Restorative Services at 70% reimbursement of crowns, bridges and prosthetic appliances; and

The plan member is eligible for Plan B services when their Dentist recommends replacement of missing teeth, or reconstruction of teeth (where basic restorative methods cannot be used satisfactorily);

The Parties agree that the Dental Care Plan will be amended, effective July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2019 as follows:

Proposed time-limited addition to Plan B coverage:

During the life of the 2014-2019 collective agreement, the parties agree to the inclusion of services or supplies for implantology, including tooth implantation and surgical insertion of fabricated implants, when medically necessary as determined by the treating dentist.

Proposed addition to Plan B Limits:

(a) Implantology:

(i) Restricted to one implant involving the same tooth in a 51 year period.

(ii) Maximum of 3 implants per patient per year.

(iii) Maximum annual limit of $5,000 per patient.

(iv) Crowns or dentures placed in conjunction with implantology will be subject to the conditions outlined in the Dental Plan design.

Review of Dental Care claims experience:

During the life of the 2014-2019 collective agreement, the Faculty Dental Care Plan claims experience will continue to be assessed on an annual basis by the University Administration in consultation with the Continuing Benefits Advisory Committee.


Access to implantology coverage above will cease on June 30, 2019 unless discontinued earlier by the University Administration due to plan cost pressures arising directly from access to implantology coverage or dental plan cost pressures generally. Dental premiums will be adjusted to address plan deficits only after, or in conjunction with, discontinued access to implantology coverage. If the current annual and/or accumulated surplus in the Dental Plan continues or grows, then the University Administration will address the surplus through consideration of premium reductions in consultation with the Continuing Benefits Advisory Committee.

Signed this ____ day of ____, 2015

On behalf of the University                                                On behalf of the Association


• 1 Any Member who already has had “Major Restorative Services” treatment on a specific tooth, for example a crown or bridge, will already be subjected to a 5 year rule as part of our existing plan design. If 5 years have not passed since the previous treatment, the Member will not be eligible for the implant.

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