Appendix I: Policy on Chairs of Departments and Directors of Schools (Policy GV0710)

Appendix I: Policy on Chairs of Departments and Directors of Schools (Policy GV0710)

1. Interpretation

In this Policy, “Chair” includes “Director”; “Department” includes “School” and, where appropriate, “Faculty” includes “Division”. Unless otherwise specified, “Dean” refers to the line Dean of the Department and “Faculty” refers to the Faculty of which the Department forms part.

2. Term of Chair

The appointment of a Faculty Member in a Department as Chair of the Department will normally be for a period of from three to five years. An external candidate to be appointed as Chair of a Department will normally be appointed for a term of five years.

3. Role of The Chair

The Chair is the chief executive officer of a Department created by Senate. The Chair reports directly to the Dean of the Faculty. The Chair has primary responsibility for the academic leadership of a Department, including particularly the encouragement of excellence in teaching and research within the Department and for all administrative decisions within the Chair’s jurisdiction. The Chair may delegate some duties to committees established in the Department or to other Faculty Members with administrative responsibilities.

4. Qualifications

The qualifications of a Chair will be described in detail by the Chair Search Committee of a Department appointed pursuant to the Policy on the Appointment and Reappointment of Chairs. However, in all cases, a Chair must hold a tenured regular Faculty appointment at the University and should be appointed on the basis of intellectual and administrative abilities; devotion to education, teaching and research; judgment and qualities of leadership. In a professional program, the Chair may be expected to hold the appropriate professional qualifications and be able to maintain the professional standing or accreditation of the program. The Chair should have the ability to create an environment conducive to the growth of intellectual life of students and faculty, to maintain the confidence and cooperation of the Department, to promote Equity, and to manage effectively and efficiently the Department’s administrative affairs, including staff development and support.

5. Duties And Responsibilities

The Chair has the duty to provide academic and administrative leadership. This includes the duty to:

1. Apply the Standard of Duties and Responsibilities for the Department in a fair and equitable manner and oversee its review and amendment from time to time as required by the Framework Agreement or as needed to enable the Department to meet its academic objectives and mandate;

2. Lead and implement academic planning to increase and sustain quality in teaching and research within the Department;

3. Lead the overall development and advancement of the academic program and manage its delivery, which includes developing staffing plans, managing the budget and financial operations of the Department, allocating academic resources within the Department and, when appropriate, working to develop the necessary resources from internal and external sources;

4. Foster a culture of responsiveness to students which will include celebrating accomplishments, providing advice and guidance on issues that impact their academic participation, investigating complaints, and hearing appeals;

5. Encourage and support Faculty Members within the Department in their pursuit of excellence in teaching and research, and foster a climate that celebrates accomplishments and promotes a collegial environment;

6. Conduct reviews of Faculty performance as required by the Framework Agreement and provide guidance to Faculty Members in their efforts to attain standards required for reappointment, promotion or tenure.

7. Advise the Dean on salary increases and the granting of all forms of leave for Faculty Members in the Department;

8. Apply the standards, policies and procedures of the Faculty, the Faculty of Graduate Studies, and the University in a fair and consistent manner;

9. Exercise leadership in promoting and implementing employment equity policy and goals within the Department;

10. Consult, as appropriate, with Faculty Members, staff and students within the Department in formulating policy and reaching decisions in order to foster respect, civility and cooperation across the University community;

11. Act as Chair of meetings of the Department and provide supervision, advice, guidance and mentoring to Faculty Members, academic and professional staff within the Department;

12. Act as Chair of the Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure Committee(s) of the Department, unless ineligible under the terms of the Framework Agreement; oversee processes to promote fair and consistent practices; and make recommendations regarding the reappointment, promotion and tenure of Faculty Members within the Department;

13. Act as Chair of the Appointments Committee(s) of the Department, unless ineligible under the terms of the Framework Agreement; exercise leadership in the recruitment of Faculty Members in the Department; and oversee the appointments processes in the Department to promote sound hiring practices within the Department and provide appropriate advice to the Dean on hiring decisions;

14. In consultation with the Dean, manage the space allocation within the Department.

15. Facilitate, at the direction of the Dean, and with consultation with the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies, where appropriate, the periodic internal and external reviews of the Department, including reviews of professional programs required for accreditation purposes;

16. Advance the interests of the Department in accordance with the goals of the University in the wider University community through service on committees, participation in formal and informal consultations and projects, liaison with a wide range of units, including both academic and administrative, providing advice to the Dean of the Faculty and to the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and supporting connections with external organizations appropriate to the discipline;

17. Manage and support faculty and staff to promote the effective functioning within the Department of relevant collective agreements, the Framework Agreement and other Departmental, Faculty and University policies;

18. Oversee the proper discharge of administrative duties within the Department such as the advising of students, approval of student programs, and compliance with University policies, regulations and health and safety standards;

19. Manage the appointment, professional development, performance and recognition of staff within the Department under the applicable employment or collective agreements; and

20. Advise the Dean and the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies on any other matters to further promote the objectives of the Department, the Faculty and the Faculty of Graduate Studies

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