Appendix C: Reduced Appointments

Appendix C: Reduced Appointments


It is recognized that there are occasions where it is beneficial to a Faculty Association Member and to the University to reduce the overall level of a Member’s appointment. While the benefits to the individual Member will vary, an immediate benefit to the academic area will be fiscal flexibility in an era of budgetary restraint.

As a matter of history at the University, tenured Faculty Members were not allowed to hold appointments less than 1.0 FTE. That has not been the case for many years, but the Guidelines below were adopted to clarify the possibility of a tenured, part-time appointment for Faculty Members. They applied only to tenured Faculty Members and set out the usual terms on which such reduced appointments might be negotiated. These Guidelines have been amended so that they may also be used for other categories of Faculty Association Members seeking reduced appointments.

A Member wishing a reduction in appointment should apply in writing to her or his Chair (Dean in non-departmentalized Faculties) or to the University Librarian in the case of a Librarian, at least six months prior to the date on which the reduction will take effect.

Reduced Appointments

In general, the arrangements will be as follows:

1) Appointments may be reduced for a specific period of one to three years or until retirement (with no right of expectation of reinstatement to full-time status).

2) Appointments may be reduced to part-time status as noted in (1) but not to less than half-time status (i.e., .5 FTE), through:

a) full-time employment for not less than six months, that period to include at least one of the four-month periods September 1-December 31 or January 1- April 30 or (in co-op units) May 1-August 31; or

b) reduced employment over a full year.

3) Duties and responsibilities, including teaching duties, during the reduced appointment will be agreed to in writing by the Faculty Member (or Librarian), the Chair of the Faculty Member’s academic unit, and the Dean (or the University Librarian) who has responsibility for that unit. This written agreement will be attached to the recommendation forwarded by the Dean (or University Librarian) to the Vice-President Academic and Provost.

4) Biennial salary adjustments will be prorated according to the FTE value of the reduced appointment. For those whose reduced appointments are for a fixed term, a nominal full-time base salary rate will be recorded annually. The annual amount of the professional development allowance will be prorated in the same manner as salary.

5) For academic leave, the qualifying periods for Faculty Members on reduced appointments are the same as for full-time Faculty Members. Salary support during the leave will be prorated in accordance with the percentage of full-time service during the qualifying period.

6) Salary during sick leave will be based on actual salary at the time of the commencement of sick leave.

7) With the exception of University pension, long-term disability insurance and basic life insurance, the Member may maintain full coverage under insured benefit plans during the term of the reduced appointment, provided that the required normal premiums are paid.

8) A Member on a reduced appointment which is intended to extend until retirement is no longer eligible to participate in the Combination Pension Plan. However, the Member may continue as a member of the Money Purchase Plan with both the University’s and the Member’s contributions appropriate to the ongoing FTE value of the reduced appointment. Where a Member reduces her or his appointment for a limited period of time only, and, immediately prior to the reduction, the Member was eligible to belong to the Combination Plan, the Member may remain a member of the Combination Plan with the University’s contribution reduced to reflect the reduced FTE and the Member paying the difference to maintain contributions on the full-time FTE; or, alternatively, the Member may switch to the Money Purchase Plan for the term of the reduced appointment with both the University’s and the Member’s contribution based on the reduced FTE. This is subject to any applicable Income Tax Act restrictions.

9) In the matter of long-term disability insurance, premiums and benefits are based on actual salary paid; in the matter of basic life insurance, contributions and benefits are again based on actual salary paid.

10) The FTE and salary of an appointment that entails reduced employment over a full year on a continuing basis for a tenured Faculty Member will be established in accordance with the following example. Where an appointment is reduced, in effect, to half-time, the FTE of the reduced appointment will be .55 FTE and the salary .55 of the full nominal salary. The University and individual contributions to the pension plan are based on the actual salary, and the Faculty Member can choose to make an additional voluntary contribution (subject to Income Tax Act limits) if not otherwise contributing on the reduction in salary. The salary and FTE of an appointment for other categories of Members and other types of reduced appointments will be in accordance with the past practice of their unit and will normally reflect a reduction directly proportionate to the reduced appointment.

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