The F.A. Relay

The F.A. Relay

The F.A. Relay is the UVICFA’s quarterly magazine, which launched in 2016.

In it you will find:

  • Spotlights on fellow faculty members
  • Features on our colleagues’ creative works
  • Important information about membership services
  • Updates on the work of Standing Committees
  • Issues affecting the UVICFA
  • Links to interesting articles and blogs
  • A place to express your views!

We look forward to growing this publication in issues to come. To contribute your ideas and feedback, please email


The second volume of The FA Relay is here!

F.A. Relay – Volume 2, Issue 1 – Spring 2017

To contribute to The FA Relay, please contact


F.A. Relay – Volume 1, Issue 2 – Summer 2016

F.A. Relay – Volume 1, Issue 1 – Spring 2016


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