About us

About us

Your Voice in Collegial Governance!


The University of Victoria Faculty Association (UVICFA) proudly represents approximately 850 faculty and librarians at the University of Victoria, including:

  • Professors
  • Assistant Professors
  • Associate Professors
  • Associate Teaching Professors
  • Assistant Teaching Professors
  • Librarians
  • Archivists
  • Limited Term Faculty
  • Artists in Residence
  • Lecturers


What we do

Having ratified and signed our first ever Collective Agreement in 2015, the UVic FA is the certified bargaining agent for our members at the University of Victoria which includes:

  • Negotiating with the University Administration on all matters related to salaries; terms and conditions of appointment including tenure, promotion, and re-appointment; benefits; and leaves.
  • Responding to member inquiries and providing aid and information in those matters where possible.
  • Filing grievances on behalf of members whose rights under the Collective Agreement have been violated.
  • Keeping our members informed about working conditions and changes in legislation and government policy.
  • Facilitating and maintaining both Standing and Ad Hoc Committees to assist the Association in fulfilling our obligations and duties to members.

Also as part of our services to our members, we maintain active memberships with the Confederation of University Faculty Associations of BC (CUFA-BC) and the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT).

For more information on our internal governance procedures, please refer to our Constitution, Bylaws and Meeting Protocol.





The Executive Committee


The Executive Committee consists of 12 elected representatives from our membership, plus the Past President.

In March/April of each year, the Nominations and Elections Committee presents a slate of nominations for upcoming vacancies and members then elect their representatives to the Executive Committee.


Helga Hallgrimsdottir


Monica Prendergast


Martha McGinnis


Rebecca Warburton

ADRC Chair & Representative:

Teresa Dawson

Assistant Teaching Professor Representative:  

Tony Vickery

Past President:

Doug Baer

Librarian Representative: 

Bill Blair

Members At-Large: 

Rebbecca Raworth

Judith Clarke

Victoria Wyatt

Lynne Marks

Barbara Ehlting

Executive Committee TORS – ADOPTED

Standing Committees

Members and the Executive Committee elected the following representatives to the Standing Committee:

Advising & Dispute Resolution Committee

Helga Hallgrimdottir – Ex-Officio (President)

Patrick von Aderkas – Ex-Officio (Chairs Portfolio)

Chair: Teresa Dawson

Members: Laurel Bowman, Victoria Wyatt, Tad Suzuki, Chris Bose, Caterina Valeo, Scott Johnson, Richard Pickard, Patrick von Aderkas, Judith Clarke, Valerie King

Advising & Dispute Resolution Committee TORs

Constitution & Bylaws Committee

Chair: Martha McGinnis

Members: Anthony Quas, Doug Baer, Patrick von Aderkas

Const and Bylaws TOR

Disability Committee

Chair: Victoria Wyatt

Members: Jessica Mussel, Katherine Bertoni, Harry Kwok, Barbara Fox

Disability Committee TORs

Equity Committee

Victoria Wyatt – Ex-Officio (Disability & Equity Portfolio)

Chair: Donna Feir

Members: Rebecca Raworth (Librarian Representative), Maureen Bradley, Susan Boyd, Kathy Sanford, Maycira Costa, Laura Parisi, Victoria Wyatt

Equity Committee TORs

Collective Agreement Committee

Chair: Rebecca Warburton

Members: Harry Kwok, Amy Verdun, Elisabeth Gugl, Conrad Alexandrowicz, Richard Pickard (Teaching Faculty Member), Vacant (Elected), Vacant (Appointed), Vacant (Appointed), Vacant (Appointed Librarian Member), 

Collective Agreement Committee

Nomination & Elections Committee

Chair: Sony Bird

Members: Louise Page, Margo Matwychuck, Doug Baer, Lynne Marks

Nominations and Elections Committee TORs

Librarians Committee

Co-Chairs: Jessica Mussel and Bill Blair

Members: Christine Walde, Pia Russel, Heather Dean

Librarians’ Committee TORs

Teaching Faculty Committee

Chair & FA Rep: Anthony Vickery

Members: Erin McGuire, Richard Pickard, Julia Rochtchina, Matt Pollard

Teaching Faculty Committee TORs

Finance and Investment Committee

Chair: Rebecca Warburton –Ex-Officio (Treasurer)

Members: Vacant (Elected), Vacant (Elected)

Finance and Investment Committee TORs

University Governance Committee

University Governance Committee TORs

Joint Committee on Administration of the Agreement

Helga Hallgrimsdottir, Judith Anne Clarke, Vacant


Speaker and Deputy Speaker

Speaker and Deputy Speaker TORs

Representative Council

Representative Council TORs

Departmental Liaisons

Current Departmental Liaisons – May 2017
Department Liaison
Anthropology Leslie Butt
Art History & Visual Studies Erin Campbell
Biochemistry & Microbiology Chris Nelson
Biology Barbara Ehlting
Business Chris Graham
Chemistry Volunteer Needed
Child & Youth Care Shanne McCaffrey
Civil Engineering David Bristow
Computer Science Jason Corless
Curriculum & Instruction Jillianne Code
Earth & Ocean Sciences Volunteer Needed
Economics Martin Farnham & Rob Gillezeau
Educational Psychology & Leadership Studies Volunteer Needed
Electrical & Computer Engineering Reuven Gordon
English Misao Dean
Environmental Studies Volunteer Needed
Exercise Science, Physical & Health Education Olav Krigolson
French Emmanuel Herique
Gender Studies Annalee Lepp
Geography Chris Darimont
Germanic & Slavic Studies Matt Pollard
Greek & Roman Studies Laurel Bowman
Health Information Science Elizabeth Borycki
Hispanic & Italian Studies Beatriz de Alba-Koch
History David Zimmerman
Indigenous Governance Program Volunteer Needed
Island Medical Program Patrick Nahirney
Law Volunteer Needed
Library Christine Walde
Linguistics Sonya Bird
Mathematics & Statistics Ryan Budney
Mechanical Engineering Stephanie Willerth
Music Adam Con
Nursing Margaret Sciai
Pacific & Asian Studies Martin Adam
Philosophy Patrick Rysiew
Physics & Astronomy Robert Kowalewski
Political Science Arthur Kroker
Psychology Adam Krawitz
Public Administration Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly
Public Health & Social Policy Volunteer Needed
Social Work Gayle Ployer
Sociology Bruce Ravelli
Theatre Conrad Alexandrowicz
Visual Arts Daniel Laskarin
Writing Kevin Kerr