Monthly Archives: September 2014

Answers to your questions about the need for a mil-rate increase

Richard Pickard, Treasurer of the UVic FA, provided these answers to questions asked at Monday's general meeting: Question #1: When the FA's Treasurer talks about past deficits, how large are these annual deficits, and how consistent have these annual deficits been? Answer: The FA has run a deficit in four of the...

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Brian Brown responds to questions about how strike or lockout funds are disbursed for members of the CAUT Defence Fund

You asked a number of important questions during Monday's OGM. Here are answers to questions related to the CAUT Defense Fund: Q.  What is required of members of a striking or locked-out union, in order to receive strike or lockout pay? A.  Brian Brown, President, CAUT Defence fund, responded by email on September...

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Following up on questions from Monday’s OGM

Monday’s Ordinary General Meeting included:

  • A report by Helga Hallgrímsdóttir, President of the UVic Faculty Association, in which she detailed the recent activities of the association’s executive and plans going forward;
  • A talk from Professor Brian Brown, President of the CAUT Defense Fund, on the benefits of joining the Fund;
  • A report from...

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